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Mr Straw - among several parties in the case - rejects claims that he had been aware of the rendition. Lawyers for Mr Belhaj, 50, say he is determined to sue unless he receives an apology and a token discover more 1 in damages. Mr Belhaj, one of the leaders of the uprising against former Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, says he was abducted - along with his pregnant wife, Fatima Boudchar - as he was about to fly from Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, to London to claim UK asylum. After being returned to Libya, he spent six years in jail, while his wife was released shortly before giving birth. The allegations against the UK security services As well as former Labour MP Mr Straw, the case brought by Mr Belhaj and his wife is against former senior MI6 official Sir Mark Allen, the UK security services, the Foreign Office and the Home Office. เสื้อ นอน เด็ก All have denied liability. 'No complicity' The government had argued Mr Belhaj and Ms Boudchar could not sue because of a long-standing legal principle that prevents British courts examining the actions of other nations carried out in their own jurisdictions. The Supreme Court ruling said the allegations were so serious they had to be heard before a British court because, if not, they may never be heard anywhere else in the world. In a statement, Mr Straw said: "At no stage so far have the merits of the applicant's case been tested before any court... "As foreign secretary I acted at all times in a manner which was fully consistent with my legal duties, and with national and international law. "I was never in any way complicit in the unlawful rendition or detention of anyone by other states." The justices also gave the green light to a related but separate case brought by a Pakistani man who says the UK illegally handed him over to US forces in Iraq.

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