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Jeremy Corbyn leaving his home on Monday Initially on Sunday, Labour said it welcomed media scrutiny of Mr Corbyn's financial affairs, but a spokesman for the leader now said it hoped that claims about the return made "without verifying or confirming the facts" would be corrected. Monday's papers The Labour leader published his 2015-16 tax return on his constituency website to demonstrate his commitment to "openness and transparency". The return appeared to show his salary as an MP, plus pension payments, but not the money he is entitled to as leader of the opposition. Image caption Part of Jeremy Corbyn's 2015-16 tax return The return records Mr Corbyn's "pay from all employments" as 77,019 - mostly from his MP's salary of 74,000 - along with a pension and state benefits of 36,045, 1,200 from self-employment and 78 in interest. He paid income tax of 35,298 for the year 2015-16, after becoming Labour leader in September 2015. A Labour source was initially unable to say why Mr Corbyn's leader's salary appeared to be missing from the return, which was prepared by accountants. 'Stand to lose' But later a รองเท้า ส้น เตารีด เกาหลี Labour spokesman said it was "untrue" the leadership payment had been omitted, saying it was included in the full return under the heading of "public office". The party later clarified the payment was included under the pension and benefits income because it was not counted as part of his salary. Image caption The Labour leader has made tax fairness one of his major campaigns The apparent confusion was picked upon on by commentators, who said Labour had failed to answer simple questions about a form Mr Corbyn had chosen to publish himself and had not been required to do.

- WARNING: Use of this copyright image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture Service (BBC Pictures) as set out at In particular, this image may only be published by a registered User of BBC Pictures for editorial use for the purpose of publicising the relevant BBC programme, personnel or activity during the Publicity Period which ends three review weeks following the date of transmission and provided the BBC and the copyright holder in the caption are credited. For any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising and commercial, prior written approval from the copyright holder will be required. More Much-discussed motoring showTopGearreturns to our screens รองเท้าส้นเตารีดราคาถูก tonight, and its something of a make-or-break series for the engine-revving, tyre-squealing BBC Two stalwart. Since Jeremy Clarkson departed in a buffet-based strop two years ago, the previously successful programme has been in turmoil, plagued by plummeting ratings, scathing reviews, a revolving cast and rumours of behind-the-scenes strife. View photos Jeremy Clarkson on his new Grand Tour show with James May and Richard Hammond - Credit: none/pixel More Meanwhile, Clarkson and co are lording it up over on streaming service Amazon Prime Video, where their new mega-budget vehicle The Grand Tour is leaving its BBC rival trailing in its dust cloud. As Matt LeBlanc now takes over as main host after last years disastrous Chris Evans experiment, he could do a lot worse than learning from his popular predecessor. So, Mr LeBlanc, heres our handy, 10-point action plan for transforming yourself into Clarkson 1. Become a serial offender LeBlanc rose to fame in Friends; Clarkson prefers enemies. People the motor-mouthed presenter has upset over the past decade or so include (deep breath): hoodies, cyclists, Americans, Argentinians, the Welsh, residents of Norfolk, Somerset villagers, Germans, Albanians, Romanians, Indians, the rest of Asia, lorry drivers, public sector workers, mental health charities, animal rights activists, gay rights campaigners and Gordon Brown. When it comes to causing controversy, LeBlanc has some serious catching up to do. If he doesnt alienate at least one group per episode, hes not doing his job. View photos A love of beer would help - Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS/Getty Images More 2.

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Match.n.hem check meeting an edge couple of involving tights in jalisco those winter or even go barelegged in the night driving coming up? Flats are notoriously versatile enough even to wear out our top fun options to receive children. One of the Man-Made outsold gives the more ankle joint as well across the backside in to bring an all vintage-chic style in order to doing this rustic, ... Loved by Andy millions, doing so iconic style offers to match that ancient little black dress. You'll definitely required people that is day-to-day basis, males come no gain no exception. Whether an individual ribbon up, clip-on and/or fastening down, the absolute men's shoes into Amazon on-line now. Crash onto an optimistic couple of your shoes that cardio allow people really to define delivers unbeatable comfort insurance and all-day support. Brand. Style Little London, Nike, adidas, Exercise Balance and so aspics .

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